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Lina Soeratman
District Governor 2022-2023
RID 3420 - Indonesia

DG Lina Soeratman

Lina Soeratman has a caring personality and social spirit. Born in Semarang city, the woman who is familiarly called Lina is known as a tough Rotarian. Why not, her work in Rotary has provided benefits to many people, including the act of preventing Thalassemia. Together with other Rotarians, Lina has succeeded in providing education and treatment related to Thalassemia, which so far has lacked social awareness in the community.

In this year of IMAGINE ROTARY, I ask all Rotarians in District 3420, to 'dream' together to increase humanitarian activities that have an even greater impact, expand outreach, increase member engagement and increase adaptability, helping our brothers and sisters in Eastern Indonesia such as NTB, NTT and Papua, which until now are still facing a number of problems ranging from poverty, food security, health, malnutrition (stunting) and lack of access to education, especially during a pandemic.


We all feel how the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken almost all aspects of life, and in Rotary too. However, the hard work and struggles that we have done to help others in this pandemic situation for almost two years are slowly producing quite encouraging results. The Covid-19 vaccination acceleration program carried out by a number of Rotary Clubs with relevant government parties in several cities and regencies clearly has a positive impact on individuals in increasing their immune system to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


On the other hand, Rotary also helps residents by providing assistance, counseling, and training on MSME activities as a way to earn additional income in the midst of an economic situation that is arguably not yet stable.


Meanwhile, the issue of poverty which results in reduced nutritional intake of pregnant women and children resulting in cases of malnutrition or stunting is one of our focuses, especially in Eastern Indonesia, not to mention the problem of poor sanitation and clean water facilities. Although the census data from the BPS in 2021 states that in several provinces, such as NTT, for example, the percentage of poverty has decreased by 20.44 percent in September 2021, the fact is that the community still leaves many stories that need our help.


Poverty also has an impact on the lack of access to education for children. There are many of them who cannot read let alone receive formal education. And because of that, we will continue to do projects for mentoring teaching staff in remote areas, providing reading books, establishing libraries (mobile and permanent), and providing scholarships.


No less important is the issue of empowering girls, especially those who are young or teenagers. Because for us, when these teenage girls have the skills to produce goods with high economic value, then they are one step closer to saving their lives and their families in the future, avoiding the risk of getting married young, and also avoiding domestic violence that is often caused by economic hardship.


From an environmental perspective, the issue of global warming is still unresolved. Actions to plant trees, use organic materials in daily life, or circular economy activities that are able to utilize recycled products must be carried out massively because we are in a race to save the condition of the earth.


Meanwhile, the situation of world peace in a number of warring countries is quite alarming. Helping refugees is one of Rotary International's focuses to play a role in maintaining world peace. But what is also important is how to foster a sense of unity from an early age among diversity without distinguishing between skin color, ethnicity, language, social status, or religion.


Lastly, I would like to advise all Rotarians not to close themselves to collaborating with other organizations, because what has been described above is not an easy task, and of course we need input and assistance from various parties who share the same vision and mission as Rotary.


Greetings diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Lina Soeratman

DG 3420 RY 2022-2023

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