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Island Tour

Exploring the beauty of Lombok Island, Nusa Tenggara Barat.


Mandalika International Sircuit

After successfully holding the MotoGP series in Mandalika, visiting this place in person can be an interesting experience. You can see firsthand the splendor of the circuit, as well as the beautiful scenery around it.

Sasak Tribe Sade Village

Still feels original and preserved its local wisdom, Sade Village, the original village of the Sasak Tribe is something that should not be missed when visiting Lombok. You will feel the warm atmosphere and hospitality of the natives of Lombok, it is a pity to miss.

desa sade 1.jpg
kerajinan tangan lombok 1.jpg

Lombok Handcraft Center

The role of UMKMs to support the regional economy is very important. Rotarians will be invited to shop at the Lombok UMKM center.

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