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Learning Center

Welcome to the District 3420 Learning & Development Center page, and we welcome the 2022 – 2023 "Imagine Rotary" period under the leadership of District Governor Lina Soeratman from the Rotary Club of Semarang Pandawa.

In collaboration with District 3420 Learning & Development Committee (DLDC) Governor Lina Soeratman built an online learning page that can be accessed by Rotarians who have an account on the District 3240 Website.

The purpose of this online learning is to make it easier for district leaders/club officers/rotarians in District 3420 to be able to understand and master their respective roles in this year's service period.

Each district leader/club officer is expected to be able to complete the learning modules that have been prepared serially and can be seen on the learning dashboard of what has been completed. It is expected that the district leader/club officer can complete all the existing modules. For each module that has been completed a certificate has been prepared which can be downloaded online.

Thank you to the entire team for their cooperation and support so that this online learning can be carried out properly.






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